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Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Class 1

Duration: 1 day

Dreamweaver is not an application for absolute beginners learning web design. Before learning Dreamweaver, you must have some basic knowledge of HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). A great way to acquire this knowledge is to take our Build Your Own Web Site Using (X)HTML and CSS class.

Note: The first step in learning web design is to learn the HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. Once you have the basics down, you can take our Dreamweaver classes to learn how to create and manage professional web sites.

Course Materials: Course manual with CD containing exercises
Prices: $260 each for 1 student (one-on-one training)
$230 each for 2 to 3 students
$200 each for 4 to 6 students
$200 for the first 6 students, $125 for each additional student

Dreamweaver is a web development tool for new and experience users. Dreamweaver can help you create a web site and manage it. This class is the first day of a two-day class. In this class, students will set up a new site and then use Dreamweaver tools to add text and images, format (or style) page elements with CSS, and create tables.

You can choose to take both days of training or to take just the first class and then continue on your own. You can even cherry-pick a day's worth of lessons.

Dreamweaver CS4 Jumpstart

Setting Up a New Site

Adding Text and Images

Styling Your Pages with CSS

Creating Page Layouts with CSS

Working with Tables

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