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Microsoft Word 2007
Class 1: Introduction and Beyond

Duration: 1 day
Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of the windows environment, basic keyboard skills
Course Materials: Course manual with CD containing exercises
Prices: $225 for 1 student (one-on-one training)
$160 each for 2 to 3 students
$130 each for 4 to 6 students
$130 for the first 6 students, $100 for each additional student

This first Word 2007 class starts you at the very beginning and gets you up and running fast, whether you are a Word veteran or a novice. First we cover creating, opening, and saving documents—with a discussion of Word's new file formats. You'll learn how to view your Word documents as outlines, Web pages, and in special print preview and reading modes.

You will learn to edit text and set up new documents with custom margins, headers, and footers. You'll use Word's templates and themes— special tools that make it easy for you to create professional-looking documents. Word includes reference tools that check your spelling and help you to find the right word.

This class will enable you to start using Word confidently and proficiently.

Creating, Opening, and Saving Documents

Entering and Editing Text

Setting Up the Document: Margins, Page Breaks, and More

Formatting Text, Paragraphs, and Headings

Themes and Templates

Spelling, Grammar, and Reference Tools

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