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The Essentials of Microsoft Excel 2003 Formulas and Functions: Class 1

Duration: 1 day (about 6 hours)
Prerequisite: This class is not for absolute Excel beginners. You should be familiar with the Excel environment and know the basics of Excel.
Course Materials: Course manual with CD containing exercises
Prices: $225 for 1 student (one-on-one training)
$160 each for 2 to 3 students
$130 each for 4 to 6 students
$130 for the first 6 students, $100 for each additional student

This course focuses on Excel formulas and functions, the heart and soul of Excel. In this first class, after learning the fundamentals, you will learn how to link worksheets, how to work with dates and times, and how to create a variety of basic functions including summary, logical, lookup, and text functions. This class will provide with a solid foundation for learning more powerful formulas.

This is the first day of a 3-day Excel Formulas and Functions class. You can choose to take all three days of training or to take just the first class and then continue on your own. You can even cherry-pick topics for a custom class.

Class Outline

The Fundamentals

Working with Names

Using Functions in Your Formulas

How Excel Handles Dates and Times

Counting, Summing, Averaging, and Finding the Largest or Smallest Value in a Range

Basic Logical Functions

Basic Lookup Functions

Introducing Text Functions

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