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Microsoft Access 2010/2013: Class 2


1 day (about 6 hours)

Prerequisite: Microsoft Access 2010/2013: Class 1 or equivalent experience
Course Materials: Course book with exercises files
Prices per day: $225 for 1 student (one-on-one training)
$160 each for 2 to 3 students
$130 each for 4 to 6 students
$130 for the first 6 students, $100 for each additional student

The four most important components of a database are tables, forms, queries, and reports. In the first class of this course, we learned a lot about tables. In this second class, we will learn more about the 3 other components mentioned above.

The most common operation performed on your database is to create subsets of your data. An Access query is the right tool for that job. In this class, you will learn how to create queries that will return the set of records you need.

You will also learn more about creating and using forms to search and enter data. You'll learn to create professional reports and include features such as filtering or conditional formatting.

This 3-day course can be easily customized to just include the topics you want or need to learn.

Queries That Select Records

Essential Query Tricks

Action Queries: Queries That Update Records

Creating Professional Reports

Using Forms

Creating Fancy Forms

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