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Adobe InDesign Class 1:
Learning the Essentials

Duration: 1 day
Prerequisite: You need a working knowledge of your computer, its operating system, and its directory system so that you can navigate through folders.
Course Materials: Instructional manual with CD containing exercises.

$260 each for 1 student (one-on-one training)
$230 each for 2 to 3 students
$200 each for 4 to 6 students
$200 for the first 6 students, $125 for each additional student


Here are some of the topics we will cover in our Indesign essentials class:

  • Getting familiar with the InDesign workspace, tools, and panels.
  • Character and paragraph formatting options
  • Modifying attributes of type and text frames
  • How to identify the anatomical parts of letters, read markup, format paragraphs, and use hyphens and dashes correctly
  • Creating linked and multi-column text frames
  • Place, scale, and crop images
  • Use optical and manual kerning
  • Apply the coordinates and measurement system for precise sizing and placement
  • Set tabs
  • Create tables from "scratch" and from text
  • Create publication grids
  • Aligning and distributing objects
  • Managing stacked objects

This is the first of our 2-day InDesign course. You can choose to take just this first class and then continue on your own or take the complete 2-day course.

The InDesign Workspace

Type, Tools, and Terms

The Fine Art of Setting Type

Combining Type and Images

Tabs and Tables

Grids, Guides, and Aligning Objects

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