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Do You Need to Learn Excel Formulas and Functions?

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If you want to understand Excel Formulas and Functions and use them to create more powerful worksheets, our classes are the first step.These classes are for experienced Excel users who use Excel in a limited way and want to elevate their skill level to include the effective use of Formulas and Functions.

You will learn the rules of creating formulas. You will understand when and how to use relative, absolute, and mixed cell references in your formulas. You'll learn how to link workbooks using formulas. You'll learn the syntax and description of a function and how to build arguments. You'll create some basic but very useful conditional functions that will automatically make decisions. You'll name ranges and use those names to write more efficient formulas and function statements. And you'll learn a few tips and tricks to help make your life as an Excel user easier and more enjoyable.

We also teach you how to nest functions. A nested function is a function that is used as an argument or part of an argument in another function. Several functions can be nested in one main function. Nesting functions is what enables you to write powerful formulas. We will also create some powerful formulas by concatenating functions and text strings. If these concepts sound a little scary, don't worry—we will learn these concepts step-by-step.

To learn these concepts, we will use some of the most useful functions in Excel. We begin by learning some very basic text functions to enable us to manipulate text.

For those who need to use Excel effectively, the two most useful functions that you can learn is the IF and VLOOKUP functions. Knowing and using these two functions will elevate you to a new level as an Excel user. This class is designed to thoroughly teach you the IF function and the VLOOKUP function.

We learn the basic syntax of the IF function and create basic IF statements. We then discuss the many ways to use the IF function including learning to use other functions as arguments for the IF function. We also learn how to create IF statements with multiple conditions.

We then go through the same process to learn the VLOOKUP funcition, starting with the basics and graduating to more complex statements. Ultimately, we nest the VLOOKUP in an IF function to create a formula that saves a great deal of time entering data.

We offer half-day classes (3½ - 4 hour classes) or day classes (6 - 7 hours). Please review of Excel Formulas and Function classes and call or email us with any questions.

Microsoft Excel Formulas and Functions

"If you’re not using formulas and functions, then you’re not really using Excel. You’re employing only a fraction of what the program can do. It’s the functions that truly make it come alive as a powerful tool. This class is valuable because it puts Excel to work for you."

Phil Hurley
Controller, AGCSD

Other training companies offer generic Excel classes and don't go into much depth when it comes to formulas and functions. iCellini offers classes that are exclusively dedicated to formulas and functions. Once you learn how to create powerful functions, you will begin to use Excel like it was meant to be used.

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Another problem with attending a class at a large training company is the mixture of students coming from different companies with different needs. Class content is not flexible so chances are you will be sitting through material that you may not need or want. That's a waste of time and money! We tailor the class to your needs, spending more time on the topics that you will actually use in your work.